Gaming Mouse EWEADN V17

  • 2400DPI
  • Durable & Premium Quality
  • Wired USB Mouse
  • For Laptop & Desktop Computer
  • For Gaming And Normal Use





– Standard mouse:   Wired computer mouse

* Connection standard: USB

* Resolution: 800-1200-1600 DPI

* Color: Black – Number of buttons: 4

* Led light: RGB LED Logo and mouse body 

* Sensor LEDs: Red

* Compatible with all operating systems

* Mouse size: 115 x 64 x 38 mm (length x width x height)

Genuine warranty for 12 months


Review – Detailed description of Mouse EWEADN V17:

Gaming mouse EWEADN V17 has an ambidextrous design, bevelled to separate the mouse shell, suitable for users with small and medium hand forms.  

EWEADN V17 has the material of whole and 2 sides of plastic shell, which is prioritized to make it more lumpy, increase friction when holding and anti-wear surface of top row.


The split button cover and the lever connect to a quality mouse back cover, plus the lower Omron switch to create a soft, lightweight – definitive elastic click quality.

DPI (“on-the-fly sensitivity”) hot button is placed on the scroll to create a central accent to create a connection of two beveled lines separating the shell, emphasizing the contrast in the contours, supporting the player Adjust mouse speed while playing the game


Inside the 2 main buttons, there is a power spring to complete the return journey faster (in other words, it bounces faster) to help players not worry about double clicking. 

The scroll button is extremely light, accurate and unaffected. The reading eye of the roll is optical, so you can use it without worrying too much about durability


The highlight of the EWEADN V17 mouse when you first looked at it, the led strip behind the mouse body with the logo can change 16.8 million colors with the automatic color change or fixed one color mode, making EWEADN V17 more impressive competitors in the same price segment.


With user-friendly design, high-quality materials and finishes, the eye-catching 16.8 million color RGB led strip, comes with a stable hardware for fast response and high accuracy.

Mouse EWEADN V17 can be considered as the first choice in the low-cost gaming mouse segment, meeting the requirements of FPS games and shooting.


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